Supplements and Foods

We only sell what we personaly use in our collections. Only the best.


We at Sweet Heaven Nursery only sell products we personally use.  We strive to always advance and provide better food and supplement's  for our plants and animal. We want to help you create your own Sweet Heaven.  With the products we personally use available  here you can.

Ranarium Supliments


Ranarium strives to provide other froggers and reptile enthusiasts with exceptional products using only the top shelf ingredients to improve the quality of every owners collection.

Carotenoid Plus 2.5 Oz

Cal-BEE+D3 2.5 Oz

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Springtail Food


if your pets deserve the best then so does your micro fauna.  After years of talking to other hobbyist and a lot of trail and error.. We are happy to offer our Springtail food.  We have created our own mix  witch has shown amazing results.  Isopods seem to love it as well.